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Content Snippets

Content Snippets are what we call the content that makes up your proposal, broken down into small pieces (or snippets). Each content snippet should consist of a single task, service or content element within your proposal. 

Once you've created and saved your content snippets, you can select the ones you want to use for a specific proposal depending on the requirements of that particular project. 

The Category and Title are for your eyes only and will not appear on your proposals.

Content snippets that are tasks should be written as if they were completing the sentence Our Company will yada yada yada .....

For example:

Let's say you are a web designer and one of the services or deliverables you offer is responsive design. Your content snippet should be something like: 

"Create fully responsive visual design that to assure that website looks great on all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile."

Remember, you want to write your content snippet having in mind that it will be preceded by the phrase "Our company will" (with your company name being in the place of Our company).

You can also add a content snippet that will be a new section in your proposal such as About Us or Our Process. You could then add the appropriate heading along with your text in the text editor.

You can include lists, tables or images in your content snippets.