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Categorizing your content snippets

Each content snippet you create has a category, a title and a body.

The category and title are for your eyes only. 

The purpose of the category is to organize your snippets so that you can easily select the ones you need for a specific proposals.

There are different ways to categorize your snippets, so it's up to you to figure out what works best for your situation.

Here's an example:

Let's say you are a digital marketing consultant who builds websites, does seo, social media and ppc. You could categorize all of the tasks that are involved in building a website under "web design". You could then categorize the seo tasks under seo. Same goes for social and ppc.

When you need to create a proposal for a client that wants a new website with seo, you would select the "web design" and "seo".

Alternatively, if you always include seo with your website design, then you could include seo tasks in the "web design" category, and then simply select "web design" for your proposal. The downside to putting seo under "web design" is that when you need to create an seo proposal (with no web design), you're in trouble. Of course, you could duplicate your work and have seo under "web design" and also under a separate "seo" category". 

But we highly recommend putting seo only under "seo" and keep "web design" for strictly website building tasks, because if will give you a lot more flexibility to mix and match and create different types of proposals easily.

You can only add 1 category to a content snippet.