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Using Propfire

Add/Edit Your Company
The first thing you need to do to start creating proposals with propfire is to a... more
Selecting and Reordering Content Snippets
After you've selected the categories you'd like to include in your proposal, you... more
Importing prewritten content snippets
We've created a set of proven content snippets specifically tailored to digital ... more
Content Snippets
Content Snippets are what we call the content that makes up your proposal, broke... more
Categorizing your content snippets
Each content snippet you create has a category, a title and a body. The categor... more
Creating Objective, Our Process, About Us, Terms sections
Each proposal has a section called Objectives in the beginning and a section cal... more
Embedding your proposal
One of the greatest features on Propfire is the ability to embed your proposal i... more
Adding Images and Video
If you'd like to add images and video to your proposal (in addition to your comp... more
Printing your proposal
Most small to midsized business clients like to hold a hard copy of a proposal, ... more
Creating Pricing Options
You can create up to 3 pricing options on your proposal. Here's a short vide... more
Client signatures with pricing options
Say you have several pricing options in your proposal: Your pricing opt... more
Proposal Company or Header Image
When you add your company you can add your company logo or any other image. This... more
How to create a blank proposal
Sometimes you might want to create a brand new proposal from scratch, without us... more